Heating Systems

Heating systems are the systems that are used in the purpose of creating the desired temperature in the area. There are various types of heating systems such as radiant heating, heat pump, geothermal, central, underfloor heating, personal heating, fancoil heating, pool and sauna systems.

Heating systems can be classified according to the device that is going to be applied as well as method of the system.

Individual Heating Systems

It is the natural gas that increasing day by day in our country, and the system that every housing has a different system. It is appliable to the project under 2.000 m2 according to the law.

Central Heating Systems

In central systems which is a productive system in multi blocks buildings; different fuels like natural gas, Ing and lps can be used. With ground-type boiler or wall-type cascade systems, water and hot water need of the blocks in a building can be met.

Functional Solutions

Thanks to functional solutions you can meet your heating need in winter and cooling need in summer. Heat pump, fan coil and VRF systems are three of the best products of this solution.