Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration systems provide ideal temperature by cooling the air of the environment. This system can be used for industrial sectors such as food sector, chemistry sector, contructing and textile sector as well as for the comfort of offices or residents.

Using refrigeration systems;

  • By providing fix temperature, it creates a comfortable working space in environments where number of people exist.
  • It provides desired temperature in living accommodations.
  • It prevents growth of bacteria and moulds in food products by protecting ambient temperature.
  • It helps production lines to stay in fix temperature in factories manufacturing chocolates and confectionery.
  • It prevents food hidden to get decayed such as in warehouse and storage.
  • It helps to outlast chemical and industrial products that can be perishable in heat.

Solutions that are used in refrigeration system;

Heating Pump: Thanks to heating pumps which are multifunctional devices, you can meet your demand for heating need in winter and cooling in summer.

Split Airconditioner: The first type of refrigeratoion system that comes to mind in local needs, it is an economic and fast solution in independent areas.

It is designed according to the places that is going to be climatized such as wall type, free-standing air conditioner, ground type, channel type, hidden ceiling type.

VRF:  The use of this system is ideal in buildings where the burden constantly changes such as hotels, hospitals, office, restarurants, shops, theatres, cinemas.

Fan Coil: Fan coil system is the name of the function that air takeb to the system through fan and realesed back according to the environment need as heating or cooling after it is climatized inside of the system.

Floor Cooling: It is the opposite system of floor heating systems. Through heating pumps you can meet your cooling demand in summer. To get the best result from the floor cooling system, one must be careful about ground configuration during the installation.