Ventilation Systems

The system which provides air circilation successfully inside of closed areas  is called ventilation systems. Ventilation system must be used in places where number of people present to create ideal life standards. As Formec Mechanical, we help you to installation of system and select the appropriate system accoridng to the physical feature of the environment.

What are the Ventilation Systems?

There are different types according to the environment that is going to be used and purpose of the system. Some of them are;

  • Central Ventilation Systems: It is used in places such as shopping malls and plazas where density of people.
  • Local Ventilation System: It is used in where people rate is low like residents, small-scale business and offices.
  • Range Hood Ventilation System: It is a system that is installed in kitchen of hotels, restaurants and cafes according to the occupational health and safety. Thanks to this system, filthy air is sent away that is formed because of cooking.

Ventilation systems can be classified under 3 different categories according to forces that provide; air movement natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation and natural-mechanical ventilation.


Natural Ventilation


Mechanical Input Natural Output


Mechanical Output Natural Input

As Formec Mechanical we provide service from determining the ventilation need of living spaces to delivery stage. By installing the devices in different places, we make it ready to use in a short period of time. You can reach us in order to have more information about ventilation systems.