VRF means variable refrigerant flow. More than one internal units can be controlled by being used a singular external unit. Depending on the changing needs of the structure, flow of the refrigerant can be kept under control. It can be used in the intent of heaing and cooling to provide the desired temperature in the environment. It consists of one external unit which is installed on the outdoor surface of the structure and the internal units which are exist in the areas of utilization inside of the building.

VRF systems are different than the usual air-conditioners. The basic difference between them is that energy saving can be achieved thanks to the changing gas flow rate. Thus, it helps the living space to be at its finest. From apartments to multi-storey offices, it is easy to be used in various places. VRF systems are seperated into 2 groups according to their working principles;


This system which provides both heating and cooling at the same time can be said that the improved version of standart heat pump systems. The fluid gas which is transferred in the purpose of heating a structure is sent back for the purpose of cooling the other cell. Because of the way it works, it has been named as heat recovery.



This system which can do either heating or cooling at the same time, consists of internal units that works in the same mode. Because it provides flexible piping,  this system can be easily used for complex structures. Inverter compressors are used in the system. The advantages of these compressors are decreasing the rate of the power consumption and increasing the performance.

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Thanks to VRF systems, the rooms that are located inside of the structure can be controlled under different temperatures. Providing independent working between rooms is one of the biggest advantages of the system.

In the 8-40 HP capacity range, maximum 5 external units and 40 internal units can be connected to the system. Thanks to this feature, it enables advanced control.

It provides heating and cooling need in the best way of the area where it is installed.

VRF system can be applied to hotels, offices, and apartments. It is aimed not to create an unpleasant view in these areas because of cables. Since it has a felxible design, it can be designed according to the structure in the best way.

If breakdown occurs in one of the compressors located in the outdoor unit, one of the keys that located on the PCB card can be changed. Thus, system can work non-stop.

Thanks to VRF systems, by saving energy, cost of heating and cooling can be decreased. Therefore, a system which works with low energy but provides high performance should be preferred.

Installation of VRF systems do not require large spaces. VRF systems provide up to 33%  space saving when it is compared to other systems.

The outdoor units of VRF systems have double isolation. The sound level that is caused because of the fans that are used in the outdoor units is reduced.

VRF systems prevent the global warming, by decreasing the carbon-dioxide emission.

The compressors that is used in the system have a technology that works alternately. Thus, load is distributed to each compressor equally.

If high quality materials are used for the installation of VRF systems, it provides safe use in the long term. The compressors that are used in the system have a technology that can work alternately. Thus, load can be distributed to each compressor equally.

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